Media Artist / Software Engineer / Experience Designer

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Role: Sole Artist / Designer / Programmer

Date: 2019


From the dreamy depths of a Luquillo seabed to the chorus of coquis in the campo, Atabey is an immersive cinematic journey reflecting on Puerto Rican diasporic identity and the role of dreams as time travel and ancestral communication.


  • Animated 3 channel video using Unreal Engine with nDispay

  • Composed 4 channel spatial audio score

  • Built previsualization companion app for real-time use with the Unreal editor

  • Authored Atabey, a 78 page essay on dreams, ancestors, and cinema

Beware of the Dandelions

Video : Complex Movements - Beware of the Dandelions

Role: Artist / Technical Director / Lead Software Engineer

Date: 2012 - 2017


Beware of the Dandelions is an award-winning mobile art installation that functions as a performance, workshop space, and visual arts exhibition. The experience occurs inside a 400 square foot polyhedron dome-like pod structure capable of enveloping 30 participants at a time. The performance and generative visuals are projected into the pod to create an immersive visual and sound experience that incorporates sci-fi narratives, music, and interactive game elements.

Beware of The Dandelions has been presented at On The Boards (Seattle), Southern Methodist University (Dallas), Charles H. Wright Museum for African American History (Detroit), and Talking Dolls (Detroit).


  • Built a two node distributed computing system capable of 4 channel video, 10 channel audio, DMX lighting control, and crowd tracking via depth sensor and microphone array, programmed using TouchDesigner, Unity, Ableton Live, and Max. This system performed flawlessly in 74 shows and for hundreds of hours as a turnkey, stand-alone installation.

  • Designed and fabricated the physical installation environment in collaboration with Wesley Taylor and architect Aaron Jones.

  • Created TouchDesigner virtual reality environment for prototyping, pre-visualizing, and simulating pod concepts and media without needing to build the full pod.

  • Co-wrote narrative experience along with character sketches and world building documents.

  • Created over 1 hour of real-time and pre-rendered visual content using Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity, TouchDesigner, and Adobe CC in collaboration with Wesley Taylor.

Additional Documentation:

Impure Functions

Role: Artist / Lead Software Developer

Date: 2017


I served as Lead Software Developer for Conditional Studio + Processing Foundation’s Impure Functions, a featured installation at Day for Night 2017. Impure Functions encouraged play and exploration while simultaneously inviting thousands of participants to talk with the artists and learn about creative coding and the role of algorithms in media art. I worked in collaboration with a brilliant team of artists, programmers, and educators including Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, Hye Min Cho, A M Chung, Stalgia Grigg, and Eric Fanghanel.


  • Co-designed and built a four screen interactive installation with RGB camera and microphone inputs using Processing

  • Developed real-time rendered, interactive modules using Processing and GLSL shaders

Boinayel (VR)

Role: Sole Artist / Designer / Programmer

Date: 2018


Boinayel is a gallery-based VR installation that places visitors within an ancestral dream. As visitors approach the installation, they encounter a large Vejigante festival devil mask and are engulfed by the sounds of El Yunque. Thunder claps as visitors don the headset, and they experience a lush soundscape of music and tropical forest sounds while standing face to face with ancient deities and a pair of mysterious figures atop a hill.


  • Created a virtual reality experience and accompanying audiovisual installation in Unreal Engine and TouchDesigner, respectively.

  • Designed a two node computing network that synchronized the multimedia installation with the virtual reality environment so user head movements affected installation sound and visuals.

  • Executed 3D modeling and animation, sound design, music composition, and installation design.


Role: Sole Programmer / Designer

Date: 2019


DreamView is an nDisplay-based template that I created for Unreal Engine that enables cinematic sequences (Level Sequences) to assume control over the DisplayClusterPawn. It also provides:

  • A workflow for working in-editor and previsualizing the experience in a Spout or NDI enabled companion application.

  • OSC connectivity; main node receives and distributes synchronized messages to child nodes via Cluster Events, which can be parsed as OSC messages.

  • NDI integration for live, IP-based video input.

DreamView is the foundation for Atabey.

Additional Documentation:

Kites On Kites: Shadow To Sky

Video: Kites On Kites: Shadow To Sky (Left Channel)

Role: Real-time Cinematic Artist / Programmer

Date: 2019


Kites On Kites: Shadow To Sky is a multimedia installation by Complex Movements and Siwatu-Salama Ra that is exhibited at the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery in Philadelpha as part of Assemblage. This scene is capable of running in real-time and may be part of an interactive installation in future iterations.


  • Remotely collaborated with and provided technical direction with video team

  • Created real-time rendered cinematic sequence with Unreal Engine


Video: Yocahu (Installation Excerpts)

Role: Sole Artist / Programmer

Date: 2017


Yocahu is an interactive installation exploring the inherent life in trees, water as a catalyst for growth, and the way roots find underground streams through sound. As participants enter the space and become underground water sources, the tree's root system grows to interconnect each of them and circulate life, and their presence and movement directly affect a responsive music composition.


p5.multiplayer + p5.touchgui

Role: Sole Software Developer

Date: 2019


p5.multiplayer is a multi-device, multiplayer server infrastructure built with node.js, socket.io, and p5.js. p5.multiplayer enables any number of "client" devices to connect as input controllers to a "host", making it great for multiplayer games and multi-user installations.

Below is an example of an installation-based game called Space Dander that I built using p5.multiplayer and p5.touchgui, a multi-touch GUI library for open source software project p5.js that I developed as part of Google Summer of Code.


  • Designed and programmed p5.multiplayer, a multi-device, multiplayer server infrastructure built with node.js and socket.io

  • Developed p5.js template and example host and client code for p5.multiplayer

  • Designed and programmed p5.touchgui, an easy-to-use software

  • Created reference documentation and GitHub repositories for p5.multiplayer and p5.touchgui