"The Freakstrumental Joint", Hir-O

by Hir-O

Role: vocalist / co-writer

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The Freakstrumental Joint

I'd known her all along... 
She was always closer than I'd ever known
Maybe in a dream, once. 
She's with me now

My hands lay bare on that fine silk that is her skin
And her touch, 
Sends Ocean Waves down my spine
I am caught and mesmerized in her gaze.. 
Bewildered, I stared in awe into her
Into the brown, blazing, binary stars that were her eyes

She spoke to me. 
Each word rode a scintillating purr vibrating from her lips, 
Then danced playfully around my ears
"Welcome Back Hir-O," she said.. 
I smiled, 
Welcome Back, indeed...


released 10 November 2011