"Impure Functions" 

UCLA Conditional Studio was invited to contribute an interactive installation as a featured Light artist at Day for Night 2017. Our goal was to create an artwork that would encourage play and exploration while simultaneously inviting participants to learn about creative coding and the role of algorithms in media art. I had the opportunity to collaborate with a talented team of artists including Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, Hye Min Cho, A M Chung, Stalgia Grigg, and Eric Fanghanel.

Role: Artist / Lead Software Developer


  • Developing interactive software modules using Processing, Java, and GLSL shaders 

  • Managing codebase and coordinating on-site installation 

  • Serving as lead software developer for UCLA Conditional Studio’s installation entitled “ImpureFunctions”, which was exhibited at Day for Night 2017

Date: 2017