"QBert" Tech Demo

OUT OF THE BOX is a multimedia performance work and the culmination of my BFA thesis work at the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

While developing OUT OF THE BOX, I had become fascinated with the idea of adding visual and interactive components to accompany the performance. I set out to teach myself projection mapping, the art of turning any 3D shape into an interactive display, and wanted to build something that would react in real-time to my music. There was no readily available software at the time, so I created my own. I designed and built large-scale sculptural forms, called "QBerts", and wrote the accompanying software during an 8 month research and development period. I included the ability to program the QBerts' actions in Ableton Live and created a touch screen interface that a performer could use to gesturally affect the visuals in real-time.

Date: 2012