PUPP Visualizer Demo

In celebration of University of Michigan's Bicentennial year 2017, the Third Century Screens (3C-S) Competition invites UM students, faculty, and alumni screen artists to create works that address the UM Bicentennial Committee's challenge under the theme of Creating and Inventing. Entrants to the 3C-S Competition propose works specifically for the Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP, click here to know more about PUPP), which features up to five screens that act as video panels or transparencies for in-depth, multi-image creations.

The PUPP Visualizer is a downloadable, standalone software tool that enables entrants in the Third Century Screens competition to virtually preview their content on the Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP). This greatly aids the content creation process without necessitating direct access to the physical structure, which is location dependent and resource intensive to install. The PUPP Visualizer was designed using Unity and is cross platform (OS X and Windows). In addition to displaying video content on the PUPP's screens, it provides virtualized sound localization so entrants can also simulate the PUPP's multi-channel sound capabilities.

Role: Software Designer / Technical Consultant / Project Advisor


  • Collaborating with dancer/choreographer Peter Sparling, architect Robert Adams, and a talented team of graduate students from the University of Michigan.

  • Designing and programming PUPP Visualizer for previsualizing content on a virtual model of the Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP). PUPP Visualizer is a cross platform, Unity-based application (OS X and Windows).

  • Providing technical consultation to the PUPP creative team, including installation implementation and content workflow.

  • Serving as an advisor for the Third Century Screens competition.

Date: 2016

Pop-Up Projection Pavilion (PUPP)